Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions, we have answers. If these FAQs don’t satisfy your need to know more, feel free to contact us here, we’ll be glad to answer your unique question.

All Ads on TriniAd are posted immediately after it’s been submitted.

Not as yet, but there will be one available in the near future.

Yes, you just need a mobile browser to access The newer the device the better TriniAd will function.

Most modern smartphones with an updated internet browser are capable of running

You can upload as many as 20 images per Ad with a maximum file size of 8MB per image.

Only PNG, JPG & JPEG image formats are allowed.

Please ensure your image is one of the formats mentioned previously.

You cannot upload documents to

Never. TriniAd is 100% Free to Use and always will be

No. TriniAd Stores are 100% Free to Use. Post 100+ Ads entirely Free.

No. We don't conduct money transactions on TriniAd, therefore TriniAd Stores and Ads are 100% Free.

Pro tip: When you’ve used up all your free ads, you can select the Subscription Membership again and add more Ads to your account.

Depending on the Subscription you chose Ads can remain up from at least 6 months to 1 year and a half.

Yes, but you have limited time before it’s completely gone. 15 days after it has expired it will automatically be deleted forever.

TriniAd specializes in Online Advertising therefore we don’t offer online money payments or transfers at this time.

Because we don’t conduct any online money transfers or transactions on we don’t offer refunds. All money transactions should be conducted between Buyer and Seller on their own terms.

Please read our Safety Tips. You should never send money upfront or wire-transfer beforehand until you have your product in-hand.

Complete your store info and save. Managers option will be available. is a product of San Juan, Trinidad. West Indies.

Currently, we don’t have in-person Sales Agents, however, you can contact us via our online contact form if you need any assistance at any time. Or visit our Social Media accounts for more.

WARNING: Deleting your own account permanently deletes your account, listing(s) and data. This action is irreversible.

Here’s How: You can remove your profile on Delete My Account. You will be asked to provide your password.